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All orders are despatched in one delivery. If your order contains both bare root and container grown plants then we can only despatch when all plants are ready. 

Any Bare Root Items - Availability means Available for supply from Nov to May.

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Cobnuts are largely self sterile - the pollen from a given variety cannot pollinate the same variety. If you live in the countryside where there are plenty of wild hazels nearby, then these will probably pollinate your trees.

Bare Root = Field grown trees that have been freshly lifted and supplied with no soil around the roots. Only available during the dormant period November-April
7.5 Litre = Container grown and can be planted all year round. The size refers to the number of litres of compost that the container holds.
2 Year Bush = A two year old tree that has been pruned back in the first winter to form a bush shape. Generally trees will be 150-175cm in height with multiple side branches.


Cobnut trees are hardy and grow well on a wide range of soils except those that are waterlogged, but like all plants they grow best in soil conditions that suit them.

They prefer a good friable topsoil overlying a free draining substrate. A soil that is too fertile will tend to produce trees with excessive vigour, which will not crop well. However, it is still possible to grow reasonably sized and cropping trees on stony ground as long as there is sufficient soil and good drainage.

A neutral to alkaline soil is ideal, but cobnuts also grow well in more acid soils.

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We are not a Garden Centre or retail Nursery. Orders can be placed via our website and the collection option can be selected at the checkout. Your order will then be ready for you to collect during our normal opening hours which are Monday-Friday 07.30-16.30. Our plants are grown in fields that can be 2 miles away from our office so it is not possible to just turn up and select your own trees.

Delivery Charges - The delivery charge is worked out from the weight and the size of the plant. We have several rates that apply to UK mainland addresses. A delivery charge of £8.50 is for all single tree orders. £10.00 if more than one tree except in the case of the Espalier and Fan trained trees where this charge is a maximum of £40.00. The lower postal rates range from £2.80 - £5.70, will be applied to smaller orders of the lighter plants like currants, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, asparagus and strawberries although larger orders will go into the £10.00 rate. Once you have put together your order the delivery charge will show before payment. All orders are despatched in one delivery.

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Red Filbert

Nut Trees | Genus Corylus | Corylus avellana

Corylus Avellana Fuscorubra - Red Filbert nut. Amazing red leaves from the spring onwards. Particularly dramatic in May/June. A red husk but white kernel. Good crops of well flavoured nuts. A real splash of colour in any garden. More of a large, multi-stemmed shrub than a tree, its purple leaves are the big attraction.

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Size Description Price Availability QTY
100/125cm 2 Year Bush - 7.5 Litre £26.00 21 Available

14 Jun 18 | Deborah Williams

Ordered two hazel trees, a Red Filbert and Kent Cob in April, at the tail end of the bare root season and a horrible winter. These two trees were much smaller than previous trees ordered from Blackmoor and slow to get going. The Red Filbert seems to be doing well now (mid June) although the Kent Cob has yet to break bud. The advice is to leave it for another 5 or 6 weeks to check progress. So, time will tell if it is going to survive.

19 Feb 18 | J.G.Shea

New customer. The plant arrived well packed and in good health.Only downside was delivery-set off on 15th-arrived 19th-no accurate info.

10 Mar 17 | red filbert

Wow, a superb tree in full vigour with an extensive root system! ready to go and i'm. sure it will be a cracker! many thanks

25 Mar 15 | Maggie Perkins

Like every plant I have bought from you and there have been quite a few, this is a lovely well-grown specimen and as always, arrived safely, being superbly packed. What an excellent service you offer!

27 Feb 15 | Dawnmarie

I come back to Blackmoors time and time again because the fruit stock is second to none; the customer service is excellent; the packaging is sturdy; despatch is swift ie a few days rather than weeks. Again, this Red Filbert I have just received is one fine specimen. Thankyou so much everyone at Blackmoors. I love my tree!

4 Feb 14 | Elizabeth L

Bush arrived in perfect condition, well packaged and speedy turn around from order to arrival. It was so nice to know exactly what was happening via the email updates. I am looking forward to seeing the bush develop its red leaves and husks and bring a splash of brilliant colour to the garden. I had purchased one a couple of years ago from another supplier and have found it not to be a red filbert but one of the green varieties.

24 Apr 13 | Sarah F

The Blackmore site is clear and easy to use, with plenty of information to assist and a range of useful testimonials from previous customers. Care is needed to ensure you have clicked 'use this address' more than once when purchasing for delivery at another address. The 'how to' videos are a great idea providing visual confirmation of techniques which can be easier for those who find small print difficult to read. It was lovely to be able to add a message for the recipient as this is a gift - other companies suggest their products as gifts but don't enable this personal touch.

4 Dec 12 | K Lloyd

Thank you the order has been received safely and in excellent condition. A very speedy turnaround considering the order was only made on Tuesday afternoon. I had tried to order some Red Filberts elsewhere and had been sent “Cosford” instead, so I was delighted to open the box and see the beautiful purple foliage of the Red Filbert the moment I opened the box! The trees you sent are far superior to the other suppliers as they appear to be strong, healthy, pest free trees - yet at a cheaper price! There is not much to see on bare root vines but they are still damp and look healthy, which is all you can expect from bare root vines! I look forward to watching them develop into beautiful grape vines. Again, thank you – these were a birthday present and the nightmare experience caused by the other supplier has been turned, by you, into the incredible joy of receiving a wonderful gift from a loved one. I will remember you first for all the future purchases.

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