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Growing/Care Guides 

Our plants have been professionally grown on our Nursery with the correct attention to nutrients, and pest and disease control. They are dispatched in good condition ready to establish and thrive in your garden for many years to come. 


We trust you will be pleased with your plants and by following our growing guides below we hope you have many years of success with them. To assist you further Blackmoor Nurseries created for you this powerful care guides - all you need to know about growing our trees and soft fruit plants. Guide For Soft Fruit Plants, How To Grow A Fruit Tree and more. 
  1. How to Grow Asparagus
    Care Guide for Asparagus - Selecting A Site - Soil Preparation - Planting - Harvesting - Aftercare - Pests and Diseases, How to Grow Asparagus View Guide

  2. Rootstocks How to Grow
    Care Guide for Fruit Tree Rootstocks - Grafting Rootstocks View Guide

  3. Blueberries Growing Guide
    Care Guide for Blueberries - Planting - Pruning - Feeding - Mulching View Guide

  4. Growing Cranberries & Lingonberries
    Care Guide for Cranberry and Lingonberries - Planting - Cultivation - Pests and Diseases - Harvesting and Storage View Guide

  5. Information on Growing Figs
    Care Guide for Figs - Planting - Feeding - Where to Grow - Compost View Guide

  6. Fruit Trees Care Guides
    Care Guide for Fruit Trees - Choice of Variety - Where to Plant - Soil Preparation - When to Plant - Planting - Heeling in - Position - Watering - Pruning - Mulching - Deblossoming - Pest and Disease Control View Guide

  7. Grapes How to Grow
    Care Guide for Grape Vines - Position - Preparation - Planting - Training - Pests And Diseases View Guide

  8. Kiwis; Guide to How to Grow
    Care Guide for Kiwi'S - Site Selection - Planting - Feeding And Watering - Pruning And Training View Guide

  9. How to Grow Raspberries
    Care Guide for Raspberry Canes - Heeling in - Position - Soil Preparation - Planting - Planting Bare Root Raspberries - Planting Container Raspberries - Pruning Autumn Fruiting Raspberries - Pruning Summer Fruiting Raspberries - Pest Control View Guide

  10. Essential Information on Growing Rhubarb
    Care Guide for Rhubarb - Establishing the Rhubarb Bed - Growing Rhubarb - Forcing Rhubarb View Guide

  11. Soft Fruit Essential Information
    Care Guide for Soft Fruits - Heeling in - Planting - Position - Soil Preparation - Blackcurrants - Redcurrants, Whitecurrants And Gooseberries - Blackberries, Loganberries, Tayberries And Japanese Wineberries - Pest and Disease Control View Guide

  12. Strawberries How to Grow
    Care Guide for Strawberries - Planting - Soil Preparation View Guide

  13. Chilean Guava Information on Growing
    Care Guide for Chilean Guava View Guide

  14. How to Prune a Fruit Tree
    Tips on How to Prune Apple, Cherry, Plum and Pear Trees View Guide

  15. Pollination Table For Apple Trees
    Pollination Made Simple Most Suburban Situations Provide Good Pollen Due to the Close Proximity of Other Gardens. It Is Not Always Necessary to Have Pollinators if the Bees and Other Pollinating Insects Are Generous with Their Visits. View Guide

  16. Choosing A Fruit Tree For Your Garden
    Choosing A Fruit Tree For Your Garden View Guide