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Blackmoor Nursery is one of very few Nurseries in the UK offering gardeners the opportunity to buy Apple fruit trees direct from our Nursery.

All orders are despatched in one delivery. If your order contains both bare root and container grown plants then we can only despatch when all plants are ready. 

Any Bare Root fruit trees - Availability means available for supply from Nov to May.

Any Container grown fruit trees - Availability means available for supply now.

How tall will my Apple tree grow?

A guide to selecting your Apple fruit tree. Rootstocks come in 5 sizes see the chart below, all of our Apple trees are labelled using these codes.

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MM106 - Rootstock for Apple trees.
Semi vigorous, Approximate height 3-4 metres when mature.

M26 - Rootstock for Apple trees.
Semi dwarfing, Approximate height 2.5-3 metres when mature.

M9 - Rootstock for Apple trees.
Dwarf, Approximate height 2-2.5 metres when mature.

M27 - Rootstock for Apple trees.
Very dwarfing, Approximate height 1.8 metres when mature.

Bare Root Apple trees = Field grown trees that have been freshly lifted and supplied with no soil around the roots. Only available during the dormant period November-April
10 or 12 Litre Apple trees = Container grown and can be planted all year round. The size refers to the number of litres of compost that the container holds. Freshly potted trees will not be rooted into the pot yet.
1 Year Maiden = A one year old tree and the size depends on the variety but in general they will be 125cm in height and will have some side branches.
2 Year Bush = A two year old tree that has been pruned back in the first winter to form a bush shape. 

2 Year Cordon = The term cordon simply refers to a single stem with short sideshoots (the fruiting spurs). This is usually trained angled to 45 degrees (oblique cordon), but can be trained singly vertically (also known as minarette)

2 Tier Espaliers -  The term espalier refers to the way fruit trees are trained to grow against a wall. It makes the tree easier to prune and the fruit easier to pick. This decorative method was often used in traditional walled kitchen gardens and is perfectly suited to growing fruit in the smaller garden. 

Stepovers - Cultivated since Victorian times, they are basically one tier espaliers that are low enough to simply ‘step over’ where necessary. These are useful to define borders with. Their short stem and a horizontal branch look equally good in front of ornamental borders or vegetables.  

Pollination Made Simple 

Most suburban situations provide good pollen due to the close proximity of other gardens. It is not always necessary to have pollinators if the bees and other pollinating insects are generous with their visits. If you have no other Apple tree close by then select two varieties in the same group or the adjoining group ie group 2 and 4 will pollinate group 3 as will any others in group 3. Some varieties of Apples are self fertile. Pollination chart for apple trees


Most suburban situations provide good pollen due to the close proximity of other gardens. It is not always necessary to have pollinators if the bees and other pollinating insects are generous with their visits. If you have no other Apple tree close by then select two varieties in the same group or the adjoining group ie group 2 and 4 will pollinate group 3 as will any others in group 3. Some varieties are self fertile.

fruitgrowers handbook

Blackmoor Fruitgrowers Handbook

delivery charges

Collection - If you would like to collect your trees then use this option. Note the collection is from the Wholesale Nursery office between Monday-Friday only. Please allow 1 working days for your order to be processed prior to collection date.

We are not a Garden Centre or retail Nursery. Orders can be placed via our website and the collection option can be selected at the checkout. Your order will then be ready for you to collect during our normal opening hours which are Monday-Friday 07.30-16.30. Our plants are grown in fields that can be 2 miles away from our office so it is not possible to just turn up and select your own trees.

Delivery Charges - The delivery charge is worked out from the weight and the size of the plant. We have several rates that apply to UK mainland addresses. A delivery charge of £9.95 is for all single tree orders. £11.40 if more than one tree. £13.90 charge for larger orders except in the case of the Espalier Fans and Step Over trained trees where this charge is between 40.00 - £57.00 depending on the delivery location. Once you have put together your order the delivery charge will show before payment. All orders are despatched in one delivery.

To take advantage of a promotional code or gift voucher this must be entered into the redeem code box at the checkout. Discounts cannot be given once an order is completed and any codes have not been used.


Apple Trees Eating | Pollination group 3 | Type Dessert Apple | Genus Malus domestica Katy | Katy Apple Fruit Trees For Sale | Buy Online

Dessert Apple Katy fruit trees - Raised at Balsgard Fruit Breeding Institute in Sweden in 1947 from James Grieve x Worcester Pearmain. Katy is a very attractive early dessert apple. Katy is also a very good choice for northern gardens. The fruits are bright red, crisp and juicy, rather sharp if picked too early. Katy is a heavy and regular cropper. The fruits on Katy can be small if not thinned. Thin down the clusters of fruit to leave 1 or 2 fruits per cluster in early July. Katy is best Picked in early September. Pollination group 3.

Size and shape of Katy apple trees for sale below.

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24 Oct 17 | Peter Longstaff

Purchased Katie & Bramley as step over trees. The advice and service we had from Blackmoor was excellent, as were the trees. Well packaged on a pallet and in perfect condition. Planted then immediately, they look wonderful. We open our garden for The National Garden Scheme and the new addition to our garden should prove a winner, we will certainly be recommending Blackmoor. The only down side was the delivery, dispatched on 18th October and arrived on 23rd after spending 5 days in a warehouse in Fradley.

23 Sep 17 | B Cooper

We purchased Katy on M26 2-year bare root in March, it flowered nearly right away as soon as we have planted it in a large pot. We kept two apples (naughty we know!) for tasting this year and they are fabulous! The tree is growing strongly, another nice little quality tree from Blackmoor. Look forward to a proper crop next summer!

31 Dec 16 | Julie Jones

I received a Katy and Fiesta Minarette to plant as cordons on my allotment the week before Christmas. The plants arrived before mid-day allowing us to plant them out the same afternoon. They were in sturdy boxes and both plants were very healthy and of good size. Looking forward to seeing them burst into life in the spring.

26 Apr 16 | Duggie

I received my Katy today, well all I can say is FAB, she is a beauty, service spot on as always, reliable and helpful staff as usual, this is my 3rd apple tree and I've just ordered my 4th, say no more, thank you Blackmore

27 Nov 15 | Jonathan

Good, earlier apple that has done well. Apples very tasty. Best picked and eaten when ripe - they don't seem to stay on the tree (get blown off).

29 Mar 15 | Dawnmarie

Excellent tree. Bargain end of bareroot season price. Thankyou.

7 Aug 14 | Katy

Lovely healthy tree and delivery was very quick. Looking forward to the fruit next year.

21 Feb 14 | Dawn M

Bought as part of an offer. Two dessert and a cooker. I must say, on a M27 rootstock, I'm looking forward to training into a cordon give all the little side shoots. Excellent.

19 Feb 14 | Sarah Beattie

Good strong healthy tree, arrived as expected. would recommend.

2 May 13 | Dave Mercer

This is my third order - the first two orders were larger order and I found the site very clear and easy to use with plenty of information on each variety which allowed me to make informed choices on varieties suitable for growing this far north. Will be back again (and again !)

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Katy Apple Growing Tips.

How to grow a Katy apple tree in my garden - Our Care Guide for fruit trees will help you get the very best from your tree.

How to plant my apple tree - Our How To Growing Tips section on our website has a video that will show you how.

What other apple varieties will cross pollinate Katy  - Any other apple variety in pollination groups 2, 3 or 4. Pollination chart for apple trees

When is the best time to plant a fruit tree - Container grown apple trees can be planted at any time of the year. Bare Root apple trees can only be planted between the months of November - April.

Planting distance for apple trees - All fruit trees are grafted onto a rootstock. It is the rootstock that determines how big the apple tree will grow into. There is a rootstock guide on the left hand side of all fruit tree product pages that explains this. As tall as the tree will grow into would be the planting distance. Example MM106 will grow to 3-4 metres when mature. So a spacing of between 3-4 metres would be required.

Can I grow a apple tree in a pot - All fruit trees will be happy growing in a large container. A pot around 50-60cm is ideal. There is more information on growing fruit trees in containers in our FAQ page.

How do I prune a fruit tree - Our Care Guide explains the basic principles of fruit tree pruning.

Blackmoor is one of very few Nurseries in the UK offering gardeners the opportunity to buy Malus domestica Katy apple fruit trees direct from our Nursery. We have one of the largest range of apple trees available for sale online.