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Goji Berry Seeds For Sale.

Wolfberry species are deciduous woody perennial plants, growing 1-3 m high. 

These species produce a bright orange-red, berry 1-2 cm long How to use Berries are sweet and tasty - eat anytime as a healthy snack. Add the berries to juices and smoothies. Use dried berries for highest nutritional benefits. Brew them into a refreshing tea. Soak dried berries in water for a tonic. Add to cereals and muesli mixes.


How to grow As easy to grow as tomatoes! Grow in any well-drained soil in full sun. Drought tolerant & self-pollinating. Plants are hardy down to -15C! High yielding plants - 1kg in their second year!

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Goji Berry Seeds

Goji Berry Seeds | Genus Lycium barbarum | Goji Berry Seeds For Sale | Average Contents: 30 Seeds

Goji Berry Seeds For Sale - Developed by James Wong - Treat it mean to keep it keen, the Goji berry needs no attention, pruning, feeding or care and in fact is at its most productive when under stress. We've selected this variety, specifically bred for its larger fruit yields in the UK. Highly productive. Delicious & foolproof to grow. Sky high in antioxidants. The eastern 'superfood' that's easier to grow than a stinging nettle. Tastes like: Malt, tomato, cranberry. The goji berry is the latest so-called super-food name to trip off the tongue and into the mouths of health-food evangelists. Small, red, dried, and a bit like a savoury cranberry, the nutritionally-rich fruit is making the leap from specialist store to supermarket. 

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1 Oct 13 | Saima

Very healthy plant, larger than expected. Ordered in March, received quickly with excellent packaging the plant settled well in summer. Very happy.

4 Jan 13 | Kyle Howarth

Definately a 'super fruit' well worth a purchase. Good quality

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