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A guide to choosing the right size

Blackmoor Nursery is one of very few Nurseries in the UK offering gardeners the opportunity to buy Blackberry plants direct from our Nursery. 

All orders are despatched in one delivery. If your order contains both bare root and container grown plants then we can only despatch when all plants are ready. 

3 Litre = Container grown and can be planted all year round. The size refers to the number of litres of compost that the container holds.

Blackberry Shelf sm.JPG 

Plant 6–10 feet apart (1.8–3 m). 

Subsequently pruning is similar to raspberries, canes that have fruited are cut out immediately after fruiting.


If blackberry plants are in waterlogged soils for more than a few days at a time, they normally die a slow death from lack of aeration (oxygen) or from subsequent attack by root diseases.

Plants do best in a well-drained, fertile, loam soil with moderate water holding capacity. Avoid heavy clay soils.

Sometimes you can improve a less desirable site by tilling, increasing organic matter content and building raised beds.

fruitgrowers handbook

Blackmoor Fruitgrowers Handbook

delivery charges

Collection - If you would like to collect your trees then use this option. Note the collection is from the Wholesale Nursery office between Monday-Friday only. Please allow 1 working days for your order to be processed prior to collection date.

We are not a Garden Centre or retail Nursery. Orders can be placed via our website and the collection option can be selected at the checkout. Your order will then be ready for you to collect during our normal opening hours which are Monday-Friday 07.30-16.30. Our plants are grown in fields that can be 2 miles away from our office so it is not possible to just turn up and select your own trees.

Delivery Charges - The delivery charge is worked out from the weight and the size of the plant. We have several rates that apply to UK mainland addresses. The lower postal rates range from £2.80 - £5.70, will be applied to smaller orders of the lighter plants like currants, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, asparagus and strawberries although larger orders will go into the £10.00 rate. A higher rate of £18.00 - £32.00 will be charged for deliveries to European Countries and GY KW IV AB PH KW HS ZE IM BT DD JE PO30 PO31 PO32 PO33 PO34 PO35 PO36 PO37 PO38 PO39 PO40 PO41 Postcodes. Once you have put together your order the delivery charge will show before payment. All orders are despatched in one delivery.

To take advantage of a promotional code or gift voucher this must be entered into the redeem code box at the checkout. Discounts cannot be given once an order is completed and any codes have not been used.

Berry Collection

Blackberry Plants | Genus Rubus | Hybrid Berry Collection Plants For Sale | Buy Online

Bare root berry collection comprising of 1 bare root plant of each. This great berry collection will save you £4.00 

Blackberry Karaka Black - The King blackberry is one of the sweetest tasting versions of the fruit available as well as having an eye catching, elongated shape.

Buckingham Tayberry - The most exciting new hybrid berry for many years. A tayberry without spines. Identical in every respect to the original tayberry.

Loganberry Thornless LY654  - The loganberry is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. The fruit is dark red in colour and longer than a raspberry. It is juicier but has a sharper flavour than raspberry. 

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27 Feb 20 | BelindaThompson

My berry collection arrived well packaged with canes in perfect health and condition. Can't wait to see them grow and eventually taste the berries. Thanks Blackmoor!

10 Apr 14 | Emanuel Fernandes

My berry collection flew more than 6350 Km and arrived in perfect condition: 3 impeccably healthy plants with new leaves already growing. I am definitely coming back for more plants. Thank you very much for this Excellent Service.

28 May 13 | Alyson Moss

Excellent service as usual. Good quality plants, professionally packed and delivered with care. The website is very user-friendly, giving a good balance of information using text and images which allows the customer to make informed decisions about the best plants for their gardens. Don't know of any other online plant nursery that can compare with Blackmoor for value, quality and efficiency. Thank you.

25 May 13 | Ray Murphy

I ordered this collection on Tuesday and received it on Friday!!! Excellent plants as well as excellent service. I plan to return to build my fruit collection.

2 Apr 13 | Nicola

I have been remiss in not thanking you for the delivery of various fruit bushes. They arrived on time, beautifully packaged and in the best condition. Thank you – the customer will be making another order in the autumn. Many thanks indeed for you excellent service

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