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Fruit plants for sale | Fig Trees.

Blackmoor Nursery is one of very few Nurseries in the UK offering gardeners the opportunity to buy Fig fruit plants direct from our Nursery.

3&4 Litre - A pot grown plant. These are one year old plants that are ideal to grown in any shape you wish.

10 Litre - Half Standard and has a clear stem on 80-90cm before and growth. Ideal for growing in a large pot or open ground with a lollipop shape. Not suitable for trying to grow as a Fan shape.

For best results plant into a pit or grow in a large container to restrict root growth.

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It is the small pea-sized embryo figs formed in the autumn, that over-winter to produce a crop of figs the following August/September. Any figs that are larger than this, will not ripen and should be removed in November.


For best results plant into a pit to restrict root growth. It is the small pea-sized embryo figs formed in the autumn, that over-winter to produce a crop of figs the following August/September. Any figs that are larger than this, will not ripen and should be removed in November.

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Fig Brown Turkey (AGM)

Fig Trees | Award of Garden Merit | Genus Ficus carica | Brown Turkey Fig Plants For Sale | Buy Online

Fig Brown Turkey plants for sale - Brown Turkey is a delicious fig to eat and a very prolific cropper. A hardy variety for outdoors but also good under glass. Brown Turkey has red flesh that has a rich and sweet flavour. For best results plant your Fig into a pit to restrict root growth or grow in a large pot. Pick Brown Turkey Figs in August to September. A Self fertile Fig so no need for another variety. Brown Turkey received the Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. 

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10 Litre
80-90cm Clear Stem - Half Standard
15 Available

20 Jan 23 | Alistair

My fig arrived just below the described size. When I queried this with Blackmoor, they assured me it would grow in size very quickly. But it really hasn't despite optimum planting & positioning in the sun. It's pretty stunted still.

8 Jan 23 | Peter crook

Hi i hate to be negative with blackmoors but i had the same issues with this plant died within within 2 years offered a £5 discount but did not take up.To be fair i have varied results from blackmoor

25 Nov 22 | Dave Dorgan

Just bought a brown turkey fig... 4 good stems in a 4 litre pot. It has arrived very quickly, well packed in v good condition. It is of a very very super quality I am very impressed and pleased thanks

29 Sep 22 | Rizzek Ammourah

Bought it one year ago it is doing very well.

17 Aug 22 | Vicki

Lovely healthy fig tree , arrived promptly and well packaged. Very helpful customer service, will definitely use this company again.

7 May 22 | Peter crook

Have to like most the products i received have look great but sadly with this even following all the instruction it died in its 2nd year so no idea why even after sending photo in nore did Blackmore

3 Oct 21 | Mark

Super looking fig tree.. all ready for collection within a few days.. great service. Very welcome care guide.Thank you

12 Sep 21 | Bee

Arrived well packaged and in great condition. Has made a lovely little tree and is growing happily in a pot in the garden.

10 Jul 21 | Jef

Good quality with lots of new growth.

2 Jul 20 | Simrit

Received my fig tree today in very good condition boxed and wrapped well, aftercare instructions very helpful, really can’t wait until next year 🌳👍😀 would definitely recommend and buy another one next year

11 Jun 20 | roger edmondson

I ordered 2 fig trees arrived today excellent quality and size very well packed and in great condition highly recommended well done thanks. roger

6 Jun 20 | Ros

I ordered 2 of the fig trees and collected them on the day I asked for with no problems what so ever. The trees were in excellent condition and the extra advice I got from the very helpful man was great. What a fantastic place. Thank you.

14 Sep 19 | Susee

This year was great for our figs. Had a very big harvest. Very sweet and juicy when left to ripen in the tree. This is the third year for my fig tree. Many thanks to Blackmoor for giving such an amazing quality plant. Last year I lost all my figs to squirrels and birds. But this year I had netted them and wrapped the sides with mesh cloth. I haven’t lost a single fruit this year. Thanks again to Blackmoor and I strongly recommend any trees and plants from them.

30 Jun 19 | D. Jones

I ordered a year old Brown Turkey as a birthday present. It arrived beautifully packed and glowing with health - my friend is thrilled with it! A special thanks to your team as I left ordering to the last minute. I put a note on the form explaining my shortcoming. Much to my surprise it arrived within 48 hours - fabulous service Blackmoor, I couldn't have asked for better.

18 Feb 19 | B Cooper

This arrived as a one stem little specimen in the winter of 2017. It has grown and branches rather significantly last year, had bore a couple of figlets. They didn’t make it as I think the summer of 2018 was too dry and long working hours means we haven’t paid too much attention to it. The plant grew strongly regardless. We are planning it in a bigger wooden tub this week and are connecting it to a self-irrigating system, we could see some little buds already and hoping for a few nice figs this year!

25 Oct 18 | Tony Peck

Thank you both fig trees arrived safely very well packed, actually took some time to unwrap. Both plants in excellent condition one already had five small fruits on it. Very well pleased thank you again.

5 Aug 18 | Rob Cassar

The plant is not cheap. I planted it in open ground. The soil is predominantly clay but a large hole was prepared and rotted manure and compost was mixed in before planting. We had a very wet long spring. The plant never even started. to shoot.

11 Sep 17 | Zabeena Pandian

Quite small but healthy

19 Dec 16 | Cat

Lovely tree with a few little figs on already. Look forward to the harvest the year after next.

29 Aug 16 | Dave

I bought a 10L Brown Turkey Standard in July 2014. Beautiful thing, though obviously no fruit that year. It’s in a large pot on a sun-trap patio in Suffolk and this year has produced more than 50 fat and luscious figs! Most rewarding thing I've ever grown! Thanks Blackmoor

17 Aug 16 | stuart

Nice fig tree, very well packed and arrived in record time, Thanks.

9 Aug 16 | Annette

I have been growing this successfully in a pot on the patio for two years, now. It has fruited both years, and the fruit is delicious.

3 May 16 | Douglas Lowe

I bought Brown Turkey some years ago. Now it is 10 feet high on an East facing wall of our house in Stockport. Not only has it survived some bad Winters but it seems to enjoy its location and produces a quantity of figs every year. Last year (2015) the crop was big enough to make 10 jars of delicious fig and mango jam. this is a winner

13 Apr 16 | Ali Croucher

Lovely quality. Arrived really well packaged too.

19 Dec 15 | GB

This was my first order. Delivery took some time but worth waited. very healthy looking plant. Good packaging.

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Brown Turkey Fig Growing Tips.

How to grow a Fig Brown Turkey in my garden - 

Figs need warmth and sun and so are best grown as fan-trained trees against south or south-west facing walls or fences. In very favourable areas they can be grown as freestanding bush trees. Therefore choose a well-sheltered spot, which is exposed to the sun and plant 4-5 m (12-15 ft) apart. If grown against a wall it should be planted approximately 25cm (10in) away from the wall to avoid it being in a rain shadow.

The traditional method of planting is to construct a fig pit measuring 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm (2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft). This can be constructed of 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft) square paving slabs or something similar which are set into the ground with the rim about 2.5cm (1in) above ground level. The base of the pit should be packed with brick rubble or broken tiles to a depth of approximately 22cm (9in) to provide drainage and to prevent the roots escaping. 

The pit should be filled with a loam based potting compost such as John Innes No 3. Alternatively a pot of 35-45cm (14-18in) diameter can be used and plunged into the ground – provided it has adequate drainage holes. Crock it well and again use a loam based potting compost such as John Innes No 3. Repotting of pot grown figs will be necessary every 2-3 years – do this in late winter.